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Although Schedule 6 is an acceptable legal way of hiring limousines in the UK, we recommend before any company operates under these rules, they contact the National Limousines & Chauffeurs Association to confirm that all parts of this complex legislation is understood.

Lancashire Limousines hire these 4x4 limos but also to comply with the NLCA's guidelines: ALL OUR LIMOUSINES ARE INSPECTED UNDER PSV REGULATIONS ON A 10 WEEKLY BASIS. This is to ensure we exceed all safety standards. Please call Russell Jones on 07751 430130 if you have any related questions.

Lancashire limo hire

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Guide for limo hire using the S6 domestic minibus rules:

compiled by Lancashire Limousines January 2008

Schedule 6 Limousine

Schedule 6 is not a limousine catergory, Schedule 6 is designed for private minibus's. If you are running a limousine under schedule 6 your vehicle will have to conform to the following regulations.

These modifications can be easily done by yourself, or one of our trained technicians will do it for you. Just ring 07751 430130

If you are hiring your vehicle out as private minibus this will have to be done on a self drive basis and your drivers will need to be registered at



The requirements referred to in regulation 41 are as follows—

1 Exhaust pipes

The outlet of every exhaust pipe fitted to a limousine shall be either at the rear or on the off side of the vehicle.

2 Doors—number and position

(1) Every limousine shall be fitted with at least—
(a) one service door on the near side of the vehicle; and
(b) one emergency door either at the rear or on the off side of the vehicle so, however, that any emergency door fitted on the off side of the vehicle shall be in addition to the driver's door and there shall be no requirement for an emergency door on a limousine if it has a service door at the rear in addition to the service door on the near side.

(2) No limousines shall be fitted with any door on its off side other than a driver's door and an emergency door.

3 Emergency Doors

Every emergency door fitted to a limousine, whether or not required pursuant to these Regulations, shall—
(a) be clearly marked, in letters not less than 25 mm high, on both the inside and the outside, “EMERGENCY DOOR” or “FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY”, and the means of its operation shall be clearly indicated on or near the door;
(b) if hinged, open outwards;
(c) be capable of being operated manually; and 
(d) when fully opened, give an aperture in the body of the vehicle not less than 1210 mm high nor less than 530 mm wide.

4 Power-operated doors

(1) Every power-operated door fitted to a limousine shall—
(a) incorporate transparent panels so as to enable a person immediately inside the door to see any person immediately outside the door;
(b) be capable of being operated by a mechanism controlled by the driver of the vehicle when in the driving seat;
(c) be capable, in the event of an emergency or a failure of the supply of power for the operation of the door, of being opened from both inside and outside the vehicle by controls which—
(i) over-ride all other controls,
(ii) are placed on, or adjacent to, the door, and
(iii) are accompanied by markings which clearly indicate their position and method of operation and state that they may not be used by passengers except in an emergency;
(d) have a soft edge so that a trapped finger is unlikely to be injured; and
(e) be controlled by a mechanism by virtue of which if the door, when closing, meets a resistance exceeding 150 Newtons, either—
—the door will cease to close and begin to open, or 
—the closing force will cease and the door will become capable of being opened manually.
(2) No limousine shall be equipped with a system for the storage or transmission of energy in respect of the opening or closing of any door which, either in normal operation or if the system fails, is capable of adversely affecting the operation of the vehicle's braking system.

5 Locks, handles and hinges of doors

No limousine shall be fitted with—
a) a door which can be locked from the outside unless, when so locked, it is capable of being opened from inside the vehicle when stationary;
(b) a handle or other device for opening any door, other than the driver's door, from inside the vehicle unless the handle or other device is designed so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, the accidental opening of the door, and is fitted with a guard or transparent cover or so designed that it must be raised to open the door;
(c) a door which is not capable of being opened, when not locked, from inside and outside the vehicle by a single movement of the handle or other device for opening the door;
(d) a door in respect of which there is not a device capable of holding the door closed so as to prevent any passenger falling through the doorway;
(e) a side door which opens outwards and is hinged at the edge nearest the rear of the vehicle except in the case of a door having more than one rigid panel;
(f) a door, other than a power-operated door, in respect of which there is not either—
(i) a slam lock of the two-stage type; or
(ii) a device by means of which the driver, when occupying the driver's seat, is informed if the door is not securely closed, such device being operated by movement of the handle or other device for opening the door or, in the case of a handle or other device with a spring-return mechanism, by movement of the door as well as of the handle or other device.

Provided that the provisions of sub-paragraphs (a), (c), (d) and (f) of this paragraph shall not apply in respect of a near side rear door forming part of a pair of doors fitted at the rear of the vehicle if that door is capable of being held securely closed by the other door of that pair.

6 View of doors
(1) Save as provided in sub-paragraph (2), every limousine shall be fitted with mirrors or other means so that the driver, when occupying the driver's seat, can see clearly the area immediately inside and outside every service door of the vehicle.

(2) The provisions of sub-paragraph (1) shall be deemed to be satisfied in respect of a rear service door if a person 1.3 metres tall standing 1 metre behind the vehicle is visible to the driver when occupying the driver's seat.

7 Access to doors
(1) Save as provided in sub-paragraph (2), there shall be unobstructed access from every passenger seat in a limousine to at least two doors one of which must be on the nearside of the vehicle and one of which must be either at the rear or on the offside of the vehicle.
(2) Access to one only of the doors referred to in sub-paragraph (1) may be obstructed by either or both of—
(a) a seat which when tilted or folded does not obstruct access to that door; and
(b) a lifting platform or ramp which—
(i) does not obstruct the handle or other device on the inside for opening the door with which the platform or ramp is associated, and
(ii) when the door is open, can be pushed or pulled out of the way from the inside so as to leave the doorway clear for use in an emergency.

Grab handles and hand rails

8 Every limousine shall be fitted as respects every side service door with a grab handle or a hand rail to assist passengers to get on or off the vehicle.

9 Seats
(1) No seat shall be fitted to any door of a limousine.
(2) Every seat and every wheelchair anchorage fitted to a limousine shall be fixed to the vehicle.
(3) No seat, other than a wheelchair, fitted to a limousine shall be less than 400 mm wide, and in ascertaining the width of a seat no account shall be taken of any arm-rests, whether or not they are folded back or otherwise put out of use.

(4) No limousine shall be fitted with an anchorage for a wheelchair in such a manner that a wheelchair secured to the anchorage would face either side of the vehicle.

(5) No limousine shall be fitted with a seat—
(a) facing either side of the vehicle and immediately forward of a rear door unless the seat is fitted with an arm-rest or similar device to guard against a passenger on that seat falling through the doorway; or
(b) so placed that a passenger on it would, without protection, be liable to be thrown through any doorway which is provided with a power-operated door or down any steps, unless the vehicle is fitted with a screen or guard which affords adequate protection against that occurrence.

10 Electrical equipment and wiring
(1) Save as provided in sub-paragraph (2) no limousine shall be fitted with any—
(a) electrical circuit which is liable to carry a current exceeding that for which it was designed;
(b) cable for the conduct of electricity unless it is suitably insulated and protected from damage;
(c) electrical circuit, other than a charging circuit, which includes any equipment other than—
(i) a starter motor,
(ii) a glow plug,
(iii) an ignition circuit, and
(iv) a device to stop the vehicle's engine,
unless it includes a fuse or circuit breaker so, however, that one fuse or circuit breaker may serve more than one circuit; or
(d) electrical circuit with a voltage exceeding 100 volts unless there is connected in each pole of the main supply of electricity which is not connected to earth a manually-operated switch which is—
(i) capable of disconnecting the circuit or, if there is more than one, every circuit, from the main supply,
(ii) not capable of disconnecting any circuit supplying any lamp with which the vehicle is required to be fitted, and
(iii) located inside the vehicle in a position readily accessible to the driver.
(2) The provisions of sub-paragraph (1) do not apply in respect of a high tension ignition circuit or a circuit within a unit of equipment.

11 Fuel tanks
No limousine shall be fitted with a fuel tank or any apparatus for the supply of fuel which is in the compartments or other spaces provided for the accommodation of the driver or passengers.

12 Lighting of steps
Every limousine shall be provided with lamps to illuminate every step at a passenger exit or in a gangway.

13 General construction and maintenance
Every limousine, including all bodywork and fittings, shall be soundly and properly constructed of suitable materials and maintained in good and serviceable condition, and shall be of such design as to be capable of withstanding the loads and stresses likely to be met in the normal operation of the vehicle.

14 In this Schedule—
“driver's door” means a door fitted to a limousine for use by the driver;
“emergency door” means a door fitted to a limousine for use by passengers in an emergency; and “service door” means a door fitted to a limousine for use by passengers in normal circumstances.



(see regulation 42)

Part I

A fire extinguisher which complies in all respects with the specification for portable fire extinguishers issued by the British Standards Institution numbered BS 5423: 1977 or BS 5423: 1980 or BS 5423: 1987 and which—  
(a) has a minimum test fire rating of 8A or 21B, and
(b) contains water or foam or contains, and is marked to indicate that it contains, halon 1211 or halon 1301.

Part II
(See regulation 43)

(i) Ten antiseptic wipes, foil packed;
(ii) One conforming disposable bandage (not less than 7.5 cm wide);
(iii) Two triangular bandages;
(iv) One packet of 24 assorted adhesive dressings;
(v) Three large sterile 20.0 cm);Iunmedicated ambulance dressings (not less than 15.0 cm
(vi) Two sterile eye pads, with attachments;
(vii) Twelve assorted safety pins; and
(viii) One pair of rustless blunt-ended scissors.


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